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  • Agriculture & Farming
  • Breeding Beef Cattle
  • Vineyards & Wineries
  • Local Cuisine & Organic Products.

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We invite you to discover bovine production in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay in every step of the meat chain, interviewing its main actors…


We offer the experience of crossing the pampas and its streams, making a stop in each farm, listening to their owners telling the history of the country…


From the North Andes to the Patagonia, we invite you to visit the 2000km of vineyards planted across Salta, Mendoza and Neuquén.


Beyond the traditional Argentinian food, we invite you to discover the irreverent gastronomy from this «land of fires», as chef Francis Mallmann would say.


Argentina has a continental area of about 2.8 million square kilometers and has about 34 million hectares with agricultural crops.
Produces a volume of 100 million tons of cereals and oilseeds, and stands out fundamentally for its high economic value per unit of weight, and its high yield per unit area cultivated.

The agricultural activity is developed in three zones: temperate, subtropical and arid. Differentiated by their climatic conditions and their aptitude for agriculture. The different soils and climates of the country offer a great diversity of agricultural products.

Argentina is:

  • Number one exporter in the world of: oil and flour of soybean, of horse meat and peanut oil.
  • Number one producer and exporter of yerba mate.
  • Second producer and exporter of honey, second producer of canned peaches.
  • Second exporter of must, corn, pear, garlic and sorghum.
  • Third producer and exporter of lemon, third exporter of milk powder.
  • Fourth exporter of beef, plum, olives and beans, fourth producer of cheese.
  • Fifth producer of wine.
  • The second largest surface in the world of organic production: 3,6 million hectares, according INTAs report.

About Us

Simply Silvia González Verocay

Specialist with over twenty years of experience organizing agricultural and food production trips.
Creator, organizer and producer of greatly original itineraries that will suit each specific requirement.
“I feel a strong passion for agriculture and its diversity, its processes, its people, as well as its capacity to innovate, adapt and overcome obstacles.

My challenge is to always find a way of connecting people, organizing routes where the experiences and the exchanges become real and enriching, creating bridges between different nationalities to ensure a unique experience.
This is why I accompany each group in every step of the way.”

Our company has 20 years’ experience in delivering to the visitors up to date innovations and farming techniques through the knowledge of experts in the field, while honoring the natural habitats and its people.

We offer an exclusive tour of farms in different South American country areas, including Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Colombia. We create and authentic and unique journey specialized in ecotourism and agro tourism, while meeting the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

We share our passion for Argentina’s surprising landscapes and agricultural traditions while mainly focusing in human values and connecting people to live a unique and unforgettable experience. Silvia, the soul of this Project, and her colleagues will be present from the beginning of the journey till the end, taking care of every detail.

Our partner Ryan’s Travel has more than 30 years of experience in delivering to the visitors up to date innovations and farming techniques through the knowledge of experts in the field, while honoring the natural habitats and its people.